Review Policy

At HungerBrain, we review books that we have bought/ rented or gifted by someone. But we also accept review copies from Writers and Publishers.


If you are a Writer/Publisher and want us to review your book, feel free to Contact us.

Send us a Review Copy at:
c/o Shivam Kumar,
843A, Jain Nagar, Thirthankar Nagar
New Delhi – 110081


Review Policy Terms n Conditions


1.   We do not accept E-books so you have to send a Paperback.

2.   Due to so many requests, it may take a few weeks to review your book.

3.   We send you a confirmation mail once we received your book.

4.   Once the review has done, it will be published on our blog and shared on our social handles.

5.   We publish honest reviews considering our readers, so you may not like it sometimes.

6.   Our reviews may contain affiliate links which will guide the reader to buy your book from available sites.


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