Book Review Wait Until She Proposes

Pranav Kasture

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On 20 November, 2016
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Hungerbrain Review: Simple and relatable love story of two engineers.

Title:  Wait… Until She Proposes
Writer:  Pranav Kasture
Publisher:  APK Publishers
Published on:  June 2016
Genre:  Fiction-Romance


About the Writer:

Pranav Kasture holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from Goa College of Engineering. He currently works for an IT Company in Chennai and loves to write. Wait.. Until She Proposes, is the debut novel by the writer.


Book Review Wait Until She Proposes

Book Review Wait Until She Proposes – The World today is very fast and getting faster with every single day. And so does our relationships. And most of the relationships nowadays starts over coffee and end up in bed. But Soham, the protagonist of the story is opposite of that. The story starts at form submission for college admission. Where he and Esha (his childhood friend) meet Ritika for the first time.

Soham stood like a dummy when she asked him “Do you have a Fevistick?” The whole night Ritika’s words were jingling in his mind.

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On the result day, Soham grabbed 19th rank and got admission in Mechanical Engineering. But he is worried for Ritika. He is praying to GOD for having Ritika in the same class. But he is not lucky enough as he saw on notice board Ritika Deshpande followed by Computer Engineering on the first day of college.
He spent his whole night in finding an equation whose result will get him and Ritika together.

Everything is fair in love and war. Thatswhy he decided to change his branch to Computer Engineering. That is the only way to be closer to Ritika. That code worked and Ritika and Soham get close. Ritika cares for Soham and Soham can do anything for Ritika. Everything is fine before Soham came to know about Ritika’s dad condition.

Actually, Ritika’s dad wants an IIT guy for her which Soham is definitely not. Now Soham is confused to what to do. He chooses to Wait Until She Proposes him. Meanwhile, he is preparing to do M.Tech from IIT so that he can fulfill Ritika’s dad condition.

Before Soham completes his M.Tech and purpose Ritika. He gets to know about Ritika’s marriage. She is marrying Arnav. Arnav is from the same batch and currently works for Google in the US.
Soham is shocked and broken as well. Where on the other side Ritika loves Soham and thought that Soham doesn’t like her. Actually, she agreed for this marriage because she thinks that if Soham loves her, why didn’t he Proposed her.

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In-between the whole misunderstanding their lies an untold truth. A truth which can change the lives of both of them. Which can unite Soham and Ritika for ever.

Will Ritika and Soham can decode the truth and fix the bugs in their Love-life? That’s a great suspense to read.


Why Should Read:

A simple love story of an Engineer who is afraid of getting rejected. This time he chose to get a minimum qualification to be loved and wait until she Proposes him. But he forgot that there are no criteria to be loved and to love someone.

As being, an Engineer author described college and hostel life pretty well and also the frustration of not getting the desired job.

In Short Its a Simple story of love and friendship and story which you can easily relate with.


Book Review Wait Until She Proposes

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Book Review Wait Until She Proposes

Hungerbrain Review: Simple and relatable love story of two engineers.

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