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Review of: The Secret
Rhonda Byrne

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On 31 March, 2016
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Title:  The Secret
Writer:  Rhonda Byrne
Publisher:  Simon & Schuster
Published on:   1 Jan 2006
Genre:  Self-Help, Motivational


About the Writer:

Rhonda Byrne is an Australian television writer and producer and known for The Secret [Movie and Book]. Byrne was listed among Time magazine’s list of “100 people who shape the world” and Forbes “The Celebrity 100” list in 2007, after becoming the bestseller author in 2006.

She has also written other books like The Magic, The Hero, and Secret Daily Teachings. The book is available in 50 languages with 20 million copies in print.


Book Review The Secret:

The Secret book is a guide to How to be successful in all aspects of life. It’s based on the idea of that peoples is made up of energy and so their thoughts which can influence each other. and if you learn how to influence your  life through your thoughts you can attract happiness in your life.This theory is defined as Law of Attraction in the book.

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Basically, in 2004, Rhonda Byrne is  going through a lot of distress and suddenly one day her daughter gives her a book named “The science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D, Wattles written in 1910 in which Byrne find the secret in an encrypted form.

Then she started the investigation of Secret in history and tried to find the secret in every religion and she found that all  the famous peoples knew it and kept it as a secret and she started writing this book to make it available for the every person in the world.
This book is nothing but the real life experiences and teachings from 24 teachers who are doing very well in their life and profession and knows how to use the Law of Attraction and gain Money, Health, Friends, Happiness and all the things one can imagine.

The book contains real miraculous stories of peoples that how Law of Attraction changed  their life and how they goes towards the light of prosperity from the darkness of misery and it also contains some shortcuts by using which you can attract whatever you want in your life.

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Favourite Quotes:

“You Become What You Think.”
” Whenever You Think You Can or You Can’t, Either Way, You are Right.”


Why should Read:

If you are feeling depressed then this book is full of positive energy. it’s like a Bible in which you can found an amazing thing on each page. you can use it to experience the Law of Attraction. And to answer of “Is it really works?”

I want to say that it just depends on you how you take it if you think it will work then it will definitely work and if you think it doesn’t work then again my friend you are right Because that’s what you call “Law of Attraction”


Book Review The Secret

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Book Review The Secret

Hungerbrain Review : The best guide to get Motivation and Think Positive.

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