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Amish Tripathi

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Hungerbrain Review : The Second instalment of amazing Shiva Trilogy more interesting than previous one.

Title: The Secret of Nagas
Writer: Amish Tripathi
Publisher: Westland Books
Published on: 1 Apr 2012
Genre: Fiction, Mythology, Sagas


About the Writer:

Amish Tripathi is one of the bestselling authors from India and known for his new concept of writing. He loves Mythology and History which he used to narrate the story in all is books.

He has done his MBA from IIM Calcutta. Amish left his 14 years of finance career to become a full-time writer after publishing his first book Immortals of Meluha.


Book Review The Secret of Nagas

The Secret of Nagas is the Sequel to The Immortals of Meluha and the second book of Shiva Trilogy. In the first book, we saw how Shiva or Neelkanth (The Saviour of Meluha) reached in Meluha. In the first part, he came to know about the history of Meluha (Empire of Lord Ram).

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He came to know about the caste system according to which Lord Ram had divided the society and how it works. For Meluhans, Shiva is the destroyer of Evil and their saviour who will lead them to the victory over evil.
After the victory over Chandravanshis, Shiva realised that Chandravanshis are not their enemies actually. He found that this perfect empire has a riddle in its birth city called Maika.

Someone unknown to Shiva has a master plan against Meluhans. He has held this dying empire to ransom for a miracle drug. He has killed his best friend Brahaspati and now stalks his wife Sati. Shiva is trying to find that murderer of his best friend.
In this part, Shiva travels across the length and breadth of ancient Bharat (India). Shiva is trying to find the truth in the land of death that belongs to Nagas. His search for the killer of his friend leads him to the doors of the Nagas. He finds nothing is what it seems to be. He struggles through the betrayals during his this journey to the truth.

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Favourite Quotes:

“A Man becomes Mahadev only when he fights for Good.”
“If the purpose of Justice is served by Breaking a law, then Break it.”


Why should Read:

Really??? Do you need a reason to read the second part of Shiva Trilogy? Trust me if you’re reading this then either you haven’t read the first part or you didn’t like the first book.

There are possibilities that you did not understand the first part. Please be Honest. Well, it’s another part of that masterpiece that I talked about in the first part.
This book will take you on an adventurous ride of the roller coaster. In this ride, you’ll see the betrayal, the bond of friendship and love, the emerging evil and victory of truth over it.

The most important thing that I forgot to mention in the first part that if, your Devotional feelings get offended easily then please don’t dare to read this. It has nothing that will offend your feelings but still who knows what offends you, after all, it’s a book on Shiva and that too of almost 400 pages

Book Review The Secret of Nagas

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Book Review The Secret of Nagas

Hungerbrain Review : The Second instalment of amazing Shiva Trilogy more interesting than previous one.

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