Book Review The Last Bloom

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On 9 February, 2017
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HungerBrain Review: A simple story with not much of twist & turns but with a Strong Issue

Title:  The Last Bloom
Writer:  Poulomi Sengupta
Publisher:   Frog Books
Published on:   10 Feb 2016
Genre:   Literature & Fiction


About the Writer:

Poulomi Sengupta is an alumna of IIT Kharagpur and Jadavpur University. Presently residing in Mumbai, a geologist and a social worker, she loves her share of Kickboxing and colourful close of oil painting to brighten the apparently mundane life.


Book Review The Last Bloom

The Last Bloom is the story of a young girl named Priya who got admission in her favourite Baranpur University. This is the university with great Culture and History. Because this university remained a nucleus for Swadeshi Andolan in the 18th century.

Although, she didn’t know anything about Geological Science but she is happy with it because she is in her favourite college.

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She had a straight plan for her college years like – a) She wants to top her class every year. B) She will become most popular of the college. C) She will help her classmates in studies. D) and she will be polite to everyone.

But destiny laughed on her and as soon she entered the college she noticed that her college years are going to be toughest years of her life.

The University has two student parties 1) The Red party and 2) The Liberty and every student is a member of these parties as per their needs and influence.

Actually, Baranpur is a place where no one can survive without joining any parties. If you are not a member of anyone you are gone. Even professors also supports these parties for having a peaceful time during their service

But Priya decided to be an exception she didn’t have any political interest. Also, she had noticed these parties and their Bandhs and Rallies cause more inconvenience for students who wants to study.

Suvo, a leader of Liberty party and his classmates wants her to join his party whereas Sthanu the member of The Red Party wants her by his side.

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In between of this chaos, she has Vivek, a neighbour and dropout from college who loves trekking and mountains. Vivek and Priya always have their conversations about her college life.

And then came the field visit who changed Priya’s life to the worst that she even cursed herself to join this college. She had failed for the first time in her life. No-one wants to be her friend and more of so.

But Priya decided to stand by her decision to remain neutral and change everyone’s mentality towards their education system and the political influence over it.


Favourite Quotes:

“Giving advice is fatal, but giving good advice is certainly a crime.”
“You can always forgive your enemy for rejoicing at your debacle but you can never forgive your friend for laughing at your misfortune.”


Why Should Read:

A good story which highlights the flaws of our education system and the lazy mentality of government and society towards it. The writer had spoken about some very interesting points like- The Common Grading System throughout the whole nation.

The education of languages (especially English) is different in every part of the nation which should be common.

The Character of Vivek is my personal favourite and the book becomes interesting everytime when there is a conversation between Vivek and Priya.

The thing which I didn’t like about the book is the excess of Geological Science. Overall is a good one time read specially for students.


Book Review The Last Bloom

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Book Review The Last Bloom

HungerBrain Review: A simple story with not much of twist & turns but with a Strong Issue

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