Book Review The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Review of: The Kite Runner
Khaled Hossieni

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Title:  The Kite Runner
Writer:  Khaled Hosseini
Publisher:  Riverhead Books
Published on:  29 May 2003
Genre:   Literature & Fiction


About the Writer:

Khaled Hosseini is an Afgan-American novelist and physician. He born in Afganistan but at the age of 11, his family moved to Paris. In 1980, shortly after the start of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, they sought political asylum in the United States

He completed his Medicine degree and practised for ten years before publishing his first novel “The Kite Runner”.


Book Review The Kite Runner

This book is the first novel by Khaled Hosseini, which becomes the bestseller in New York just after its release. There are more than two million copies sold worldwide.

The whole story is based on emotional Father-son relationship. Amir the Protagonist of the story who lives with his Baba in Wazir Akbar Khan district. His Baba was a rich businessman with his own values and ethics. He loves Amir but never showed his love although, he was an Afgan father.

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Amir’s mother died early and relationship with baba was not so good. He wants to be closer to Baba and he can do anything for it.  Kite fighting tournament is one of the ways to draw baba’s attention towards him.

Every winter there is a Kite fighting tournament occurred and the one who stays till last will be the winner. Hassan promises to help him to win the tournament. Hassan is the son of his servant Ali.
On the tournament day, after getting many cuts in his hand. Amir managed to fly his kite till last and won the tournament. As being a Kite Runner, Hassan’s job is to grab the last kite Amir had cut. But when Hassan didn’t come back Amir starts finding him.

And suddenly he saw that Hassan is cornered by Assef and his friends. Assef was a sociopath, who thinks that Pashtuns are better than Hazaras. Assef wants the last blue kite from Hassan. But Hassan denied saying that it is for Amir agha.
That increases Assef anger which results very bad for Hassan. Assef raped Hassan and let him keep the kite so that he will remember that forever.

Amir is watching the whole thing but doesn’t object due to his cowardice. The loss happened that night cannot be repaired and nothing is like before.
While Amir is struggling with his guilt of betraying his one and only loyal friend. Russians invaded Afganistan and shut down the whole livelihood there. Baba somehow planned an escape to America. But America can’t get him redemption from his sins. He must have to revisit his homeland to fix what is broken.
After two decades, When  Baba is no more. Amir is a successful writer, living with his beautiful wife Soraya and his in-laws.  A phone call changed his life again.

“Come. There is a way to be good again.” Rahim Khan – Baba’s old friend and the only person who understands him is giving him a chance to redemption.

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Why Should Read:

The Kite Runner is a classic novel and the story is written in such a manner, you will hardly believe that it’s a work of fiction. After reading this book  I can say that this is one of the best fiction novels I’ve read.

I liked the way he describes the feeling of the characters to the reader. And that’s the reason behind the success of this book. This book is written in a very original way. In Short, The Kite Runner is an Ocean of Emotions.

Book Review The Kite Runner

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Book Review The Kite Runner

Hungerbrain Review : The true Literature, Story of Love, Betrayal & Redemption.

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