Book Review She Swiped Right Into My Heart

Sudeep Nagarkar

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On 10 April, 2016
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Hungerbrain Review: A One time read book.

Title: She Swiped Right Into My Heart
Writer: Sudeep Nagarkar
Publisher: Random House India
Published on: 16 May 2016
Genre: Literature and Fiction


About the writer:

Sudeep Nagarkar is an author of 6 Best-selling Novels. His books are inspired from true incidents. His book “It Started With A Friend Request” is the most popular fiction book of 2013. He was awarded 2013 Youth Achievers award for being one of the best-selling Romance Writers in India.

He Quit his Managment job in 2012 to become a full-time writer after the success of his second book.


Book Review  She Swiped Right Into My Heart

Book Blurb – If You Never had friends, you never lived Geet. One of the most unpopular girls in the college is best friends with the beautiful and sought-after Shibani. To win the popularity vote, Geet takes help of college hottie Rudra, Who agrees to act as her Boyfriend- He sees an opportunity to get closer to Shibani.
Little does he know is Shibani has been harbouring feeling for someone else  all along. As misunderstandings and jealousies take centre stage, Geet must take a decision which will affect not just her own life but also those of her loved ones.

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Story – The story is all about three girls Tushita, Geet and Shibani who were in the same college.

Tushita and Shibani are sisters and Geet are their best buddy. The trio has good understanding between each other.

Shibani is the Bold one who always ready to challenge the manhood mentality of the world. No one can ever mess with Shibani even boys.
Geet is a nerd and very unpopular in college and a victim of ragging. whereas Tushita is a great girl beautiful and popular but she did a mistake which ruined her life.This threesome gets wilder when Tushita’s friend Vivaan join them.

After getting frustrated by daily torture of the popular gang of the college. Geet decide to have a fake boyfriend to shut up all the gossips in the college.
But is it the right move or it will change her conditions to the worst that’s the real story of love and care friends have for each other.

She Swiped Right Into My Heart is a story of LOVE- Gained and Lost and the healing power of friendship

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Why should read:

If you have read his previous books then you definitely know his writing style is so easy and stories he writes are easy to relate with. So that’s the 2016 edition of the Sudeep Nagarkar’s Love and friendship Dose.

The writer had shown the true college life. All the fun, Mass-Bunk and Prank which will revive your college life.
Although at some points I feel that writer had forcefully tried to put Humour by using very old and lame jokes.

But you can ignore that overall its a good one time read book and you can also gift this to your best buddy.


Book Review She Swiped Right Into My Heart

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Book Review She Swiped Right Into My Heart

Hungerbrain Review: A One time read book.

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