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Durjoy Datta

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On 30 March, 2016
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Hungerbrain Review : Its a young thing, best read for youngsters.

Title: Our Impossible Love
Writer: Durjoy Datta
Publisher: Penguin Book Limited
Published on: 15 Jan 2016
Genre: Adult-Fiction, Romance


About the writer:

Durjoy Datta is a writer since he was only 21 and also become bestseller author from his first book, Of course, I Love You! He belongs to a Bengali family settled in Delhi and he has done his graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Delhi Technical University.

Along with that, he is also a screenwriter and Entrepreneur. He quit his job in American Express as a Marketing Analysist and co-founded a publishing house Grapevine India Publishers in 2011 to encourage young authors.


Book Review Our Impossible Love

The whole story of “Our Impossible Love” revolves around the life of Aisha and Danish and how they both are struggling in their life for discovering what they really are and what they want to become.

This book describes the life of an average teen and what they have to deal with in their teenage and different ups and downs in their life.

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Book Review Our Impossible Love – Aisha is a late bloomer and she is struggling to discover what’s the real meaning of being a woman. What ingredient or quality will make her a woman? Along with that, she has an elder brother who loves her very much and mother like Mother Teressa and a father like Jesus.

On the Otherside, Danish a guy who wants to make his parents feel proud of him as all children want but somehow unable in doing so.
And he is getting depressed day by day and more of because of his overachieving younger brother Ankit who is a Graduate from IIT Delhi and listed in Forbes magazine for his Startup, but he loves him very much.

Then comes the turning point in the story when Danish and Aisha meet, Actually Danish is appointed as a Student counsellor to Aisha which will help both of them to discover Love, Life and themselves.
And after that entry of Vibhor change the whole scene and take the story to the other way and how Aisha get over from it and fight back would push you to like Aisha more and more.

Saarthak, Aisha’s brother who is a gay and how Aisha’s family accept him is good to read and can start a debate on Gay rights and how they are in our mentality.

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Favourite Quotes:

” Life the way it is and Love the way it should be.”
“Flunking exams by ridiculous margin was my superpowers! I was the most self-aware dumb person I had ever met.”


Why should Read:

Actually, it contains every ingredient to become a bestseller book and deserve to be your companion for this weekend and If you are a fan of Durjoy Datta then it’s a must read for you.

His writing style never let you bore and overall the book describe the whole Scenario and different pressure when you are young and along with that, it also shows the loving relationship between parents and children, Relationship between siblings in a very adorable manner.

Our Impossible Love also encourages to take a stand against the wrong society or person. If someone is doing bad with you then you have to fight back. At last, I just have to say Read it because it’s not just a Love Story it’s beyond that.


Book Review Our Impossible Love

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Book Review Our Impossible Love

Hungerbrain Review : Its a young thing, best read for youngsters.

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