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Review of: One Indian Girl
Author :
Chetan Bhagat

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On 20 August, 2016
Last modified:28 January, 2017


Hungerbrain Review : Experimental book by Chetan Bhagat in Female Version

Title:   One Indian Girl
Writer:   Chetan Bhagat
Publisher:   Rupa Publications
Published on:   1 Oct 2016
Genre:   Fiction, Romance


About the writer:

Chetan Bhagat is one of the bestselling writers of India and has eight bestselling books to his credit and many of them were being adapted into Successful Bollywood movies.  He is generally known for his easy and attractive format of writing.

Bhagat quit his International Banking career to become a full-time writer in 2009. He is also a Motivational Speaker, Columnist and Screenwriter and he had recently seen as a judge in a Dance show named “Nach Baliye”.


Book Review One Indian Girl

Chetan Bhagat announced his latest book One Indian Girl via tweeting it. He also shared the official teaser which you can watch below. One Indian Girl is the Ninth book of the author. His previous book Half Girlfriend is very well received by his readers and soon releasing as a movie.

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Unlike his previous books, Bhagat chose a female protagonist and written the story in female first person. A girl who is well educated, Intelligent and successful in his life. Unlike other girls, she has an opinion on everything.

Here is the Book Blurb :
Hi, I’m Radhika Mehta and I’m getting married this week.

I work at Goldman Sachs, an investment bank. Thank you for reading my story. However, let me warn you. You may not like much.

One, I make a lot of money.

Two, I have an opinion on everything.

Three, I have had a boyfriend before. OK, maybe two.

Now if I were a guy, you’d be cool with it. Since I am a girl, these things don’t make me likeable, do they?

Book Review One Indian Girl -The Story starts with the wedding scene of Radhika Mehta. It’s the first destination wedding in Mehta’s family. Everywhere is a pleasant chaos of the wedding preparations and relatives. Goa Marriott is the hotel where both families are planned to stay.

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But in the last minute, Goa’s CM came in the hotel for an event due to which Hotel staff reduced the no. of rooms booked by the Mehta’s. And then the pleasant chaos converts into a horrible mess.

Radhika suggested a relocation for the boy’s side but her father and relatives denied. And the logic behind denial is that “You can’t ask boy’s side to adjust because they are The Boy’s side.”
Really? Is that so? But in India, it’s like our traditions to expect adjustment from females. In this book, the author tried to make you understand the female point of view.

As the author says that women are mysterious and no one can actually understand what they really think. He added that ” I have wanted to write a book in female first person for the past several years. Not only that, I wanted that book to be about women and deal with feminism.

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Why should Read:

The author tried a new thing this time. Chetan Bhagat came in a female version through this book which is definitely fun to read.

Like his previous books, this book also consists a strong message to the society. I think Chetan Bhagat is doing his bit for the society along with entertainment. One Indian Girl is a story which is based on feminism and the pathetic attitude of people towards females.

Book Review One Indian Girl

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Book Review One Indian Girl

Hungerbrain Review : Experimental book by Chetan Bhagat in Female Version

21 thoughts on “Book Review One Indian Girl

  1. 4/5 shining stars for feminist Radhika…
    I really liked this book . Maybe because I can relate to it just like any other Indian girl. I could’ve rated it 5 but I think”the end ” could’ve been better.
    All in all, a great read.

  2. Total filmy (especially because of the end). wanna be Hollywoodish end. This book intended to tell the world about today’s successful Indian women, their capacity to take decisions and stand up for their own good and feelings, but it failed (and not nailed) in my opinion to make an impact in the end or convey a strong message (told ya wanna be Hollywoodish 😉 )

    i hope they don’t again make a bad film out this again or they should..might just to give enough employment to actors like Arjun kappor.

    BTW decent attempt by Chetan to describe the s** encounters of the character.

  3. This book is the best I read. I’m a guy, after reading it I felt very much. A petty issue thought by guys is an hindrance for a girls freedom. One of the best. It almost took me an hour to come back to normal when I finished this book. It’s a fantastic try and almost could say almost after so much decades a man has understood a girls heart and their thirst for freedom.

  4. Buying this today from Sapna book house, Bangalore. I am a feminist myself so even I don’t get boyfriends easily. Will promote the book if I like it.

  5. I am reading this book. So far I have liked it. However, I didn’t like the sentence construction and found few grammar errors.

  6. Now, it seems to be the payback time, where Chetan Bhagat is inspired from Bollywood flicks like Shudh desi Romance or Queen. Or is this a book aimed at becoming a Bollywood script? As for the book, It promises to be entertainer, amuser & time killer along with other things it is aimed at namely feminism and need for indian marriage philosophy to change. The story takes the reader on the journey of a nerdy girl with average looks, through the series of events (professional success and failure in relationships)in her life. Her changeover to a hot girl after a haircut or brazilian wax session has bowled me over. Don’t feminism and hair removal contradict each other?
    Chetan’s narrative as a girl and description of the drama in a Punjabi wedding needs to be applauded though the confused girl does confuse the characters in the story along with the reader at times. Overall i would rate the book five point something (Chetan Bhagat style!)on a scale of ten.

  7. Chetan Bhagat is Salman Khan of Indian English Fiction writing. You simply cannot resist his books even you don’t like him. However, for people with literary taste, Chetan Bhagat’s books are akin the comedy movies starred by Shah Rukh Khan.

  8. 10/10. One of the finest writes of Chetan Bhagat. Truely an inspirational storyline. Couldn’t have been better. I am in love with the character.

  9. I liked the story but the end could have been more better. A bit similar to Bollywood movie Queen.
    It was amazing till Neel Gupta enters Radhika’s life.. After that it was boring.

  10. ‘One Indian girl’- Totally disappointed after reading this book. ..
    Feminism, Feminist, Women empowerment…..Initially, thought the book will move around these things… But seriously It din’t even reach upto any of these ideas.
    A girl changing herself from an introvert to cool girl just to seek attention from everyone, Girl liking an average working guy, being in living relationship for 2 years, ego issues, breakup, girl escaping from the situation by taking transfer to other place. there having an affair with a married man with two children, ego issues, breakup and again escaping from the situiation , moving to some other place, …ready for arranged marriage through shaadhi. com, Sudden entry of 2 past stories into the destination wedding venue, Again escapping from the situation, frustrated and cancelling the marriage , again after somedays starts feeling for the guy with whom she was about to get married and cancelled…
    Really?? Is this one Indian girl is?? I certainly think no…i felt like the girl was just bragging that she is holding a flag of feminism. She has not acted as she had said that feminism is not about equal rights, it is about having freedom for what she needs…..

  11. It is the worst book i have ever read.A workaholic women wants to try different men throughout her life.It is more of a life of a prostitute working in a bank.

  12. However, despite the presence of the common elements, there was a first with this book, unlike CB’s earlier books where the main characters were usually male with minor exceptions, here he attempts to tell the story from the point of view of a female and thus the title ‘One Indian Girl’.

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