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Nicholas Sparks

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Hungerbrain Review: One of the best Romantic Novels ever.

Title:  Message In A Bottle
Writer:  Nicholas Sparks
Publisher:  Warner Books
Published on:  1 Apr 1998
Genre:  Fiction, Romance


About the Writer:

Nicholas Spark is a Novelist, Screenwriter, and Producer who lives in New Bern, North Carolina. He has eighteen bestseller Novels and two non-fiction books to his credit. He started his writing when he was in school but got fame from “The Notebook” which was published in 1996.

Eleven of his romantic novels were adapted n blockbuster movies. Some of them are “The Notebook”, “Message in a Bottle”, “A Walk to Remember” and “Dear John”


Book Review Message In A Bottle

Message In A Bottle is a trendsetting story which is also an inspiration for new writers. The story is simple and interesting with some twists and turns which enhance your curiosity.

Theresa Osborne who is the protagonist of the story is a columnist at “The Chicago Tribune”. She is a divorcee and lives with her son. After a long time, she got a break to discover herself and spend some peaceful moments. Cause his son is also out for a vacation with David (Her Ex-husband)

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While jogging at the sea shore she saw a bottle but it is not an ordinary bottle. she remembered that when she was in school she and her friends used to send messages to sea by putting letters in the bottle.

Because of her curiosity, she picked up the bottle. She found that its a corked bottle with a paper inside it. She opened the bottle and read the message on the paper.

After reading this painful and heart touching note she becomes more curious. Actually, she fell in love with the writer of this message. It’s hard to believe for her that men with such intense and deep thinking still exist on earth.

On one hand, she saw David who left her for another woman and on the other hand, there is a man who loves somebody so deeply.

She discusses her curiosity and the letter with her boss and colleagues who encourages her to publish the letter in her column and share the letter with the world. And in reply of that, she got thousands of messages.
But these letters and his writer already occupied some space in her heart. She decided to find the person behind the letter and meet him once.

After cracking several clues she finally found Garrett. The man who wrote these letters for his wife Catherine who died a couple of years ago.

Catherine and Garrett both are lonely and had a painful past. Will they start a new relationship and overcome their respective pasts? What if Garret knew about the letters that Theresa has?

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Why Should Read:

Nicholas Sparks is the only writer who writes with his heart, not with his pen. Every word of the book has an emotion. I personally like the way he describes tiny details because of them it’s easy and interesting to imagine the story.


Book Review Message In A Botle

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Book Review Message In A Bottle

Hungerbrain Review: One of the best Romantic Novels ever.

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