Book Review I Am Malala

Review of: I am Malala
Malala Yousafzai & Christina Lamb

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On 24 April, 2016
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Hungerbrain Review: An extraordinary story of bravery.

Title:   I Am Malala
Writer(s):   Malala Yousufzai &
Christina Lamb
Publisher:   Orion Publishing Group
Published on:   9 Oct 2014
Genre:  Autobiography, Non-Fiction


About the writer:

Malala Yosufzai doesn’t need any introduction because she is a very well-known personality across the Globe. She works for Gender Equality and Right to Education for all. This book is the story of her sacrifices which is co-written by Christina Lamb.

Malala was born in the Swat district of northern Pakistan. She raised her voice for Women Education and Empowerment. But she is now in Birmingham, the UK after she had been attacked by Taliban. She is the youngest Noble Peace Prize winner and now works for girls education in different countries.


Book Review  I Am Malala

I am Malala is the story of an Extraordinary girl who seems to be an ordinary girl. The reason why I am saying her extraordinary is because of her courage and dedication for her rights. She is an example for everyone that one should fight for his right no matter how tough it is.
She was born in Swat, Pakistan where Taliban was the Prefect and terrorism was at its peak. Her father is a great man and runs a school named as Kushal School. She said that she born in a society where rifles are fired on the occasions of birth of a Boy whereas no-one welcomes a baby daughter.

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But her father was not same as others they knew the power and importance of Education thatswhy they educate her she wants to be a doctor first but later she developed an interest in Politics and Philosophy.
As she started raising her voice for girls education she was bombarded with threats and warning to be get killed if she doesn’t stop going school. The more she speaks about education the more she becomes an evil to the Taliban.
And One Day that happened which is she afraid of. Taliban came to kill her, they shot her in the head after a long term of medical attention she got normal and then again started her education and activism.


Favourite Quotes:

“We realise the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.”
“There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a third power stronger than both, that of women.”


Why should Read:

I Am Malala is a very Inspirational and Motivational story everyone and especially for girls. After reading this book you will definitely know the value and power of education.

I really liked the moment when she is talking to herself about what will she do if someone came to kill her.
Like my father, I’ve also been a daydreamer and sometimes I’d imagine that on the way home a terrorist might jump out and shoot me.

I wondered what I would do. Maybe I’d take off my shoes and hit him but then I’d think if i did that there would be no difference between me and a terrorist.

It would be better to plead, Ok Shoot me, But first listen to me. What you are doing is wrong, I’m not against you personally, I just want every girl to go to school.

Book Review I Am Malala

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Book Review I am Malala

Hungerbrain Review: An extraordinary story of bravery.

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