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On 25 April, 2017
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HungerBrain Review : Hangover is like dessert, Short & Sweet.

Title:  Hangover
Writer(s):  Shilpi Signodia
Publisher:  Notionpress
Published on:  10 Apr 2017
Genre:  Fiction, Romance


About the Writer:

Shilpi Signodia is an MBA turned homemaker turned author who writes short stories for magazines and academic projects. She speaks more through writing than she does verbally.

Despite being a trained management professional, she opted for being a full-time mother because she enjoys spending time with her children. Shilpi has always been inspired by fiction and has always wanted to deliver one.


Book Review Hangover

Hangover, A restless feeling that you get after you get drunk. Most of us must be familiar to this feeling. Sneha, a mother of two children also feels the hangover, but it’s kind of different one, It’s not because of alcohol consumption.

The book is all about what this hangover means to her, & why she’d never want this hangover to end. The book is a well-written masterpiece debut book of Shilpi Signodia.

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The story of the book is about Sneha telling the story of herself when she got admission in her college for MBA. Sneha is a Confident, Brave & Career-conscious girl. She lost her father at a very young age.

Her father’s death left a scar on her life. It made her feel that every spring in life has a painful end.It made a so deep impact that she’s afraid of happiness, she’s afraid that everything she loves, she gets attached to, will leave her some day or she’s gonna lose it. Yes, She’s afraid of love, affections & attachments till she met Vikrant.

Vikrant Thakur is a very popular & influential senior in college. He is her mentor during her training visit. Soon after being familiar to her, he proposed her in a very romantic way, which she accepted.

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But Life has its beautiful but Brutal ways of giving you the pain you fear the most. And once again, there is someone standing between her and her love. That is Destiny. Hangover is the story of the Ups & downs in their relationship, story of how destiny brings them up together again & how everything goes fine in the End.


Why Should You Read:

Hangover is a sweet and Short story of true love. Love which is beyond any lines of social measures. The story is very much relatable to your college days. The book has only 100 pages so you can read it in a one go.


Book Review Hangover

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Book Review Hangover

HungerBrain Review : Hangover is like dessert, Short & Sweet.

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