Book Review Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Margaret Mitchell

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Title:  Gone With The Wind
Writer:  Margaret Mitchell
Publisher:  Macmillan Publisher
Published on:  30 June 1936
Genre:   Historical Fiction


About the Writer:

Margaret Mitchell was an American author and Journalist. Gone With The Wind is the only novel which was published during her lifetime. She won the National Book Award (1936) for Most Distinguished Novel and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (1937).

In more recent years, a collection of Mitchell’s girlhood writings and a novella she wrote as a teenager, Lost Laysen, have been published.


Book Review Gone With The Wind

Gone With The Wind is a classic American novel which was first published in 1936. according to a poll, It is the second favourite book of American reader just after The Holy Bible with 30 million published copies worldwide.

The story is based on the American Civil War (1861-1865) and the story of reconstruction after the war. The story is set up in Georgia where War can be started any minute and everybody is talking about war.

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Katie Scarlett Ohara the protagonist of the story is an obstinate girl who wants to marry Ashley Wilkes.  But, Ashley loves his cousin Melanie Hamilton who is a kind hearted woman.

In disappointment and anger over Ashley, Scarlet marry Charles Hamilton who is Melanie’s brother and later killed in the war.
When Ashley is at front with other men, he asked Scarlet to take care of Melanie. War changes Scarlet completely. She somehow escaped with Melanie and her child with the help of Rhett Buttler. Rhett Buttler is a visitor from charleston and becomes the third husband of Scarlett Ohara.

War changes the whole scenario, Scarlett who used to dressed like a princess is now forced to wear torn clothes. She is struggling with misery, poverty, and hunger. She is working hard in cotton fields to pay taxes.
After all these disappointments she promised herself that she will do anything to become rich. Thatswhy, she marries Frank Kennedy and starts a business with his money.

I don’t want to reveal the whole story and ruin your curiosity. But this is a story of survival how Scarlet Ohara faced and conquered every single problem to survive herself in the post-war situations.

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Why Should Read:

It’s a classic novel which is also released as a blockbuster movie, which is a tad bit slower but if you are sailing with a character like Scarlet you will never get bored. Scarlet is the main and my favourite character of the story. Because She is the most courageous woman of the story who will do what she want.

The second character I like in the story is Melanie Wilkes because she is so simple and kind hearted women that you can’t ignore her. The relation between Rhett Buttler and Scarlett Ohara expressed in a very fine way. Rhett is the only husband who knows what Scarlet is and loves her.

I enjoyed this book a lot and imagining that era of Scarlet Ohara and Rhett Butler.


Book Review Gone With The Wind

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Book Review Gone With The Wind

Hungerbrain Review: A classic love story of a woman in the middle of the War

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