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Nina Lekhi & Suman Chhabaria Addepalli

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On 10 March, 2017
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HungerBrain Review: A book that teaches that women can have it All.

Title:  Bag It All
Writer(s):  Nina Lekhi & Suman Chhabaria Addepalli
Publisher:  Jaico Publishing House
Published on:  20 Jan 2017
Genre:  Biography, Business


About the Writer:

Nina Lekhi is the founder & CEO of a Rs 100 crore company named Baggit which she brought to existence when she was in college. She lives in Mumbai with her Husband Mukesh Lekhi & her daughter Vedoci. She was awarded Karmayogini Award in 2012 & Outlook Business Women of Worth Award in 2015.

Nina is a true follower of Siddha Samadhi Yoga and also provide free workshops for the employees of Baggit so they will grow in every aspect of life. Suman Addepalli is the one who penned down the biography of Nina Lekhi in the most honest way.


Book Review Bag It All

Bag it All is a journey from failure to success. A journey from “Just a C-minus College Girl” to the “Woman of Worth.” The Story starts with the first failure of her life. When she failed in the foundation course in Art.

This failure acted as the foundation of the brand Baggit. Nina Started this with a sum of Rs.7000 which she borrowed from her mother.

This book shows the dedication of Nina to prove herself and the hardwork she does to lead Baggit. When she started, her father discouraged her by saying “these are just Thelas to carry vegetables.” But Nina never stopped working and soon her cousins and her brother also started to support her.

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She delivered the bags herself by carrying them on her own and that too by traveling by Bus. She got her first big order of 200 bags from Regal and earned Forty-Five Thousand Three Hundred and Eighty Rupees.

After some time she started her first exclusive store  INXS with her brother Mukesh. The writer Suman Chhabaria Addepalli has a very beautiful way to pen down all the ups and down through the journey of Baggit and how she (Nina) overcome them.

The best part of the book when she shared her market strategies with readers like how she recruited new staff, what made her invest in a particular location. And the most important how her Bags remains the Best in class everytime.

Along with that, she is one of the best Leader in the world, I’d say the Leader people ask for in their silent wishes for, before joining a new office. I didn’t use the word “Boss” & the reason you’ll get to know after reading the book. She loves her employees like a family and cares for them.

After her marriage with Manoj Lekhi, she shifted herself to her in-laws’ house which supported her more than her family. In the year 2000, she was blessed with a baby girl and with comes the feeling of guilt. She wants to spend time with her daughter but she also has to care the business of Baggit. but as she was good in tackling problems she found a way to deal with that.

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Nina Lekhi is an avid follower of SSY (Siddha Samadhi Yoga) which played the important factor of her success. She also encourages her employees to follow SSY culture.

The best thing of Nina is that she knows how and where to utilize someone’s talent. She started the business with people, she could trust blindly and did every single thing to grow Baggit.


Favourite Quotes:

“The only way forward is forward.”

“Swallowing anger is way easier than swallowing salad.”


Why Should You Read:

First of all, Many thanks to the ladies (Suman Chhabaria Addepalli,Rashmi Bansal & Of Course Nina Lekhi)  behind “Bag it All” for giving us an Opportunity to review their book. Bag It All is the book which can change your perspective of success. Being successful is not just limited to earn money & fame, but it is way beyond that. One should have a clean conscience and also have strong relations also.

The hunger of getting All in life is Bag It All.


Book Review Bag It All

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Book Review Bag It All

HungerBrain Review: A book that teaches that women can have it All.

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