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HungerBrain Review: Well Concieved & written, Simply irresistible.

Title: Agniputr: When Agni First Spoke
Writer: Vadhaan
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Published on: 15 Sept 2016
Genre: Fiction


About the Writer:

Vadhan has worked as litigator and consultant for legislative compliance for more than two decades. He turned to writing a few years ago. His First book, Shatru of the Kronikles series, received high praise and was critically reviewed as one of the best fantasy novels in India.

He is a Lawyer by training, and an Entrepreneur and Dreamer. He currently lives in New Gurgaon, India, with his wife.


Book Review Agniputr: When Agni First Spoke

Book Review Agniputr: The story starts in 1940 at a village named Gudem, Somewhere in Andhra Pradesh, India. Where a necromancer is practising some black magic to fulfil his greed to be more than a human, to be the New God. After a lot of sacrifices and inhumanly rituals including murder, he somehow succeeds to create a “Sutram.” Which will give birth to the “God of Agony”

It is so powerful that it can destroy the whole earth and “Agniputr” is the only one who can stop the apocalypse.

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As the time passes and facts had changed into myths. Satyanarayana Raghava Kasvari (SRK), who worked for CSIR and currently deputed to RAW in the Paranormal Activities Division is a Scientist and Metaphysician. He came to his hometown Eluru to marry his love Sri Sailaja.

He met his old friends, where one of the friends started the discussion about Gudem village and its weird stories about the demon. His friend told him that there is no electricity in the village, except the castle. Vehicle passing by the Surya memorial ground simply dies down.

No one is allowed to stay there overnight, even trucks passing by don’t stop at Gudem. The scientist in SRK forcing him to discover and reveal the mystery behind the Surya Memorial Hall and the Demon residing there.

He sent the initial data of the field to his boss Sheila and decided to investigate further. But SRK didn’t know that he is going to a place from where no one can return.

Sheila had lost his husband in Mumbai floods in 2005 and her parents in 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Now work is the only thing she had in her life. She is good in Quantum Physics and had a PhD, but she is Paranormal Division because of the Home Minister, Govind Kiromal wanted it.

Govind Kiromal knew about the “God of Agony” and wants to use it for their personal benefits. He wants to revive it as soon as possible before Agniputr destroys it.

That’s why he sent a requisition order to Raghuram Surya for his ancestral castle. Raghu, a professional lawyer and the current heir of the Surya’s legacy is unaware of “Sutram.”

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Sheila got orders to investigate the phenomenon and the way to harness it for the good future of the country. But she soon realised that she is only a puppet to get the access to Memorial Hall.

She decided to help Surya in destroying the “Sutram.” In between the duo started feeling something for each other and fell in love. But the game is still on, they don’t know, what is “Agniputr” and How to destroy “Sutram.”

Will they succeed to destroy the “Sutram” or Govind Kiromal will use it for fulfil his greed of power or it just blows up and eliminates the planet?  The book had an amazing and logical climax thereafter.


Why Should You Read:

If you like Suspense Thriller type books, this is the Best Catch. The story has a unique plot, and Vadhan has beautifully maintained the maximum thrill in the story till climax. I think he is one of the few writers we have, on which we can count for a good literature. The characters are very well described and I personally liked the way he inter- connected the characters in the story.

He has beautifully connected the Quantum Physics, Stephen Hawking and the discussions on Quarks & anti – Quarks to the story. I also liked the part where he described why India is too immature for Democracy and the difference between Independence and Freedom.

I will recommend this book to the People who crave for a Good Read from Indian Writers.


Book Review Agniputr

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Book Review Agniputr

HungerBrain Review: Well Concieved & written, Simply irresistible.

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