Book Review 19th Akshauhini by Ravindra Rao

Review of: 19th Akshauhini
Haribhakth & Vaishnavi Rao

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On 1 November, 2016
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Hungerbrain Review: An algorithm (book) to understand The Gita better.

Title:  19th Akshauhini:
Algorithm of the Gita
Writer:  Ravinder Rao and Vaishnavi
Publisher:  NotionPress
Published on:  15 Sept 2016
Genre:  Religion, Self-Help


About the Writer:

19th Akshauhini is written by father-daughter duo Haribakth and Vaishnavi Rao. Haribakth is the pen name of the writer Ravinder Rao. He has a master’s degree in commerce from Marathwada Universty. He was an IT officer in a private sector bank and opted for voluntary retirement to pursue his passion.

Vaishnavi Rao holds a bachelor’s degree in Design from Shivaji University. Presently she is a freelancer. The entire illustrations in this book are created by her.


Book Review 19th Akshauhini

19th Akshauhini – first of all, I want to elaborate the title for my readers. Akshauhini is a Sanskrit word described in the Hindu mythology epic Mahabharata. As per Mahabharata, an Akshauhini is a battle formation,

Which consists
21870 Chariots (Ratha),
21870 Elephants (Gaja),
65610 Cavalry (Soldiers on Horses) and
109,350 Infantry (Soldiers on Foot).

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There are total 18 Akshauhini soldiers in Mahabharata battle. Kauravas ( Sons of Dhritrashtra) has 11 Akshauhini army whereas Pandavas (Sons of Pandu) has only 7 Akshauhini and lord Krishna.

Gita is the Hindu scripture which consists the dialogues between Arjuna and Lord Krishna. The Knowledge, given by the almighty in Gita is so vast that it is difficult to understand by a common man. Thatswhy, the writer tried to break it down into simple and easier language.
In 19th Akshauhini writer tried to sync the eternal knowledge ith modern requirements.  Gita is like an ocean of knowledge but one can achieve and understand as per his ability. This book will help yo to understand Gita better.

This book will also help you in finding answers which have occurred in your mind after reading Gita.
19th Akshauhini will not describe the verses or stories of Gita. But through this book, you can learn to observe Gita and apply Gita’s rules in your day-to-day life.

The book consists two parts. In the first one, the author created some equations and answered various questions. Whereas the second part consists beautiful illustrations created by Vaishnavi Rao.

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Some questions which are beautifully and logically answered by author in this book are

  • How can anyone worship someone who ran away from war?
  • How caste system works?
  • Why Krishna used Chhal to win a Dharm-Yudh?
  • Why Krishna supported to break the old traditions?
  • Is it okay to tell a lie for the sake of Dharma?
  • Why Krishna gave his Narayani Sena to Kauravas and agreed to become  Arjuna’s charioteer?


Why Should Read:

If you love Indian Mythology and specially Mahabharata. It doesn’t contain stories and versus wise translation. This book is not for you if you are finding a translated version.

But if you have read Mahabharata and Gita earlier this book will answer your queries and helps you to understand Gita better.

book review 19th Akshauhini

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Book Review 19th Akshauhini

Hungerbrain Review: An algorithm (book) to understand The Gita better.

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